Landscape Art

Detail of Autumn Morning landscape by textile artist Tracey Lawko

Autumn Morning detail

My finely stitched landscape art celebrates the calming pastoral scenes of rural Ontario. The scenes are views around my studio, located in the hills of the Niagara Escarpment.

It is farm country. The fields grow hay, winter wheat and corn, and are home to herds of cattle and flocks of sheep. Hedgerows divide the farms and create a patchwork through the hills. I love the views in all directions, the long and the short, and in all seasons. When I look at these views, my lungs open and I breathe.

Creating my stitched landscape art is like painting with a single-hair brush. As I am using standard weight sewing thread, the work is very fine. Starting with a simple drawing, I outline the major shapes and colour areas of a scene. I use the drawing as a pattern to cut coloured pieces of fabric and assemble those onto a base for stitching. Then I free-motion machine stitch over the collaged fabric with 30-50 different colours of thread. I use an APQS Freedom longarm sewing machine for the machine stitching. I layer the stitches  to create different textures for each element in the composition until the base fabrics essentially disappear and a rich tapestry of colour and texture result. This intensive process is my way of appreciating, documenting, and honouring the world around me.

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